How Do I Get More Traffic to My Blog? Some under-utilized and little known tips for more views.

I am your typical blogger and I post and I post and I post, but nobody seems to care.  Is my content that bad?  Do people not like me?  Am I incredibly boring?

Does this sound familiar?  Before you get all self-conscious and start your way over to the ledge, you should know you are not alone.  A lot of self-proclaimed experts will say content is the most important way to gain readers.  I say you can have the best content in the western developed world, but it doesn’t matter if nobody is there to read it.

If a blog with the best content falls in the forest and nobody is there to read it, does it make an impression?

Absolutely not.  Now don’t misconstrue my point because your content is very important, but the purpose of great content is to gain subscribers, not initial readers.  To gain readers, you must have exposure.  It’s just like any other business.  You can have the best idea, but without strategic marketing you will fail.  It also works vice versa.  You can have a mediocre product, but great marketing can make your  average product sell at an incredible pace.  Just take a look at the energy drink market.  It is saturated with so many different brands, but Red Bull and Monster seem to stay on top.  Is this because they taste so much better than the competition?  Nope,  they pretty much all taste like crap.  It’s because they are marketing geniuses and their name is branded to their target market everywhere you look.

Same goes for your blog.  I’ve seen many incredibly popular blogs with average content, and some unknown blogs with incredible content.  The difference is how you market it.  Let’s take a look at some ways to boost your blogs’ popularity, in turn boosting your business.

1.  SEO! SEO! SEO!

When it comes to new visitors, your search engine rank is the most important tool in your arsenal.  There is no substitute for coming up as the first link when someone is looking for info on your blogs’ subject.  The blogs that get this right are the most popular 90% of the time, no matter if they have average or stellar content.  Don’t underestimate the laziness of web surfers.  Typically, your average person will believe the first link is the best when they Google something and will not continue on to the 3rd page to find a better site.  Now, SEO is definitely not under-utilized, but some tools that make it easier are.  One tool that can help is an app called Market Samurai  What this tool does is help you to determine what keywords will drive the most traffic to your site by increasing your rank on your search engines.  This is just one tool in the vast ocean that is SEO…..there is so much more that can be utilized to boost your rank, it’s overwhelming.  The key is to choose the best strategies for your particular blog.

2.  Participate in online communities where you will find potential readers.

Networking in person is an extremely important part of building your business.  Going to trade shows, attending local business meetings and making local connections are all extremely important when trying to find potential clients.  The same goes with an online community.  Joining communities where you can find like-minded people who would be interested in your blog is essential to building up your name.  A great tool to use to find out where future readers might be hanging out is Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner.

Just type in a well-known site about your writing subject, and it will let you know what other sites the same readers are going to.  A word to the wise: Don’t just go in to your new community posting links to your blog.  This is a sure way to be outcast.  (Click here  for a great post which advises on how to correctly comment on other blogs to gain exposure).  You need to build your credibility and relationships with already established members, then slowly you can get your blog out there.

3.  Make content pinnable.

Pinterest is a proven platform to drive traffic to your site.  As you may or may not know, Pinterest utilizes images and visuals on their site.  Therefore, when you are promoting your posts on Facebook, include an image with your site address included.  Not only does this make your info pinnable, studies have shown that sharing FB posts with images receive more clicks than those without.

4.  Post unique content

One of the most feared questions when in a job interview is, “What set’s you apart from the other 1500 applicants that applied for this job?”  Your answer to this can make or break you.  Same with your blog.  What sets your blog apart from the other 500, 000 blogs on your chosen subject?  I recommend that for every 2 posts that can be considered easily found online on any given subject, you write one post that is unique.  For instance, if you have a dog boarding business and blog about behavior in certain types of dogs, you can be pretty sure that you are not the only blog with info on a labrador retriever.  Therefore, you should try to write a few posts here and there about rare dogs.  You can be assured that the number of blogs containing the behavior of a Portuguese Podengo will be lower than that of a labrador, therefore increasing your place in search engines and potentially gaining new readership.  Click here for info on how to construct great content for your unique post.

These are just a few of the littler known ways to get your blog noticed and gain some more  subscribers.  For more on this subject or anything else, feel free to leave a comment or visit for contact info.


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